CREA’s Governmental Efforts

Governmental Effort

CREA works to promote legislation and regulations that benefit homeowners and that help REALTORS® better serve their clients.

CREA works with federal cabinet ministers, Members of Parliament, parliamentary committees and senior officials, both directly and through its Political Action Committee (PAC) of REALTORS®. When issues arise that affect housing, property rights or the real estate sector, representatives from CREA meet with politicians and officials to discuss the issues. Prior to any federal budget, CREA makes recommendations to the government about how fiscal policy can better encourage responsible economic growth.

Election 2019

For many Canadians, homeownership can seem like an impossible dream. With an election just around the corner, let’s ensure housing affordability is a top priority for all political parties. See our ideas:

Political Action Committee

In politics, just as in real estate, impressions last long after a deal closes. Recognizing this, CREA strives to maintain open, honest and respectful dialogue with the federal government. The main mechanism for this is the Political Action Committee (PAC) Network, created in 1985 to allow REALTORS® to actively engage with their elected representatives.

PAC includes the President and Executive Officer of all real estate boards and associations, current members of the CREA Board of Directors, and one or more “PAC Reps” appointed by each.

PAC Reps work hard at the local level to make sure CREA is aware of important local and regional issues. They keep their local Members of Parliament aware of major national issues affecting the real estate industry. And they regularly brief their respective board or association about issues being considered on Parliament Hill.

PAC Days

The major focus for participation in federal affairs is PAC Days. This event, held annually on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, allows REALTORS® to speak directly to Members of Parliament about issues that affect homeowners and the real estate industry.

Past Successes

The PAC Network has made pivotal contributions to the many lobbying successes achieved by REALTORS®. In recent years, PAC Reps have successfully advocated on mortgage financing rules, and Employment Insurance for the self-employed and the Home Buyers’ Plan.

Current Issues

CREA is currently advocating for the federal government to enhance the Home Buyers Tax Credit (HBTC) to provide meaningful assistance to first time homebuyers, to better enable more Canadians to enter the housing market.

We also recommend the government take regional differences into consideration when implementing nation-wide measures that affect home buyers. This includes a review of the “one-size-fits-all” nature of policies that impact housing markets across the country.

First Nations Homeownership

The submission highlights the various homeownership models First Nations communities have developed across the country.  We look forward to working with interested communities and government departments.

First Nations Homeownership  (Please note the submission is only available in English.)